Microsoft To Launch Low-cost Windows Tablets In India

I find it’s essential to never take any info for granted, there’s at all times something to understand. This point is thoroughly verified by the following;

With the personal computer market, where Microsoft is very strong, almost entering negative growth phase, for Microsoft as well as its hardware partners, tablet market is very crucial. So far, Microsoft has been slow to address this market. Most of the Windows tablets available in the market currently are targeted at “pro” users and sell for a hefty premium compared to iPad and Android tablets. Most of these tablets cost around Rs 30,000 or more. In comparison, Android tablets like Nexus 7 (older version) are available for less than Rs 10,000. According to Gartner figures released on Monday, Microsoft sold 4 million tablets worldwide in 2013. This gave the company a market share of 2.1%.
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