Ipad Air And Ipad Mini In Line For Touch Id And A8 Processor This Year?

I find it’s critical to never take any info for granted, there is often something to understand. You could test that theory out with this news piece below:

ipad air

So says industry sage. Tweet More power and beefed-up, biometric security will be front and centre on the next-gen iPads, one of the industrys most forthright analysts predicts, in whats shaping up to be an intriguing year for Apple-watchers. According to KGI securities analyst Ming Chi KuoKuo, the 2013 editions of the iPar Air and iPad mini will be the first Apple tablets to pack the Touch ID fingerprint-unlock technology that debuted on the iPhone 5S. Both slates will also, it seems, get a steroid injection in the form of an A8 processor to better enable them to handle all the pixel-pushing and multi-tasking they’ll be asked to do. Kuo claims the Pad Air 2, which is purportedly due to land in advance of last years October street date, is in line for a camera boost. Instead of the five-megapixel number that features on the current-gen edition, we can apparently look forward to an eight-megapixel iSight snapper instead. The iPad mini it seems will feature the same design as last year, but could get a price cut as Apple bids to compete with the slew of low-cost Android tablets that have at last given Google a foothold in the slate market.
To get more, take a look at the initial source listed here: http://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/news/2014/04/ipad_air_and_ipad_mini_in_line_for_touch_id_a8_processor/


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