Latest Ipad Rumors Complicate Upgrade Decisions | Appletell

I find it is key to never take any info for granted, there’s consistently something to understand. Here is a few news that we were in a position to gather for today:

ipad air ipad mini

Kuo is the second-generation iPad Air that he thinks might be rolled out earlier than the recently traditional late October slot. The Gen-2 Air is expected to be a relatively minor refreshment with Touch ID, an A8 processor, and an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, but not much else. It is a constant given that whenever one takes the plunge with new computer hardware, something faster, with more desirable features, and sometimes at a lower price, will be along within a yearusually sooner. It was ever thus. The current A7 has lots of suds, but the A8 is rumored to be approaching approximation of Intel i5 performance, which would be fun in an iPad. And I am an unapologetic fan of iPad photography, so would regret not having waited for a higher-res camera. As for a larger-screen iPad Pro model, Mr. Kuo thinks its coming, but not before 2015.
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