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Ipad, Ipod Touch Big Deals, Plus New Iphone 6 Leak – Long Island Ipad | Examiner.com

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Free iPad, iPhone app sends shows to television, plus more free apps

These deals include iPad mini with Retina Display. The iPad mini with Retina Display 16 GB Wi-Fi version is just $349.00, after a free Target gift card. The iPad mini boasts a 7.9-inch display while the larger iPad Air display is 9.7-inches. What’s more, the same free $50.00 gift card deal, which essentially drops every Apple iPad by $50.00, applies to the cellular versions of both the iPad mini with Retina Display and the iPad Air. A cellular version of the iPad can be used anywhere like you would use a cell phone. A Wi-Fi iPad version can only be used at home or near a Wi-Fi hotspot,” as at a train station, an office, retail store, or a coffee house like Starbucks. The iPod touch is also included it this week’s deals at Target.
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Latest Ipad Rumors Complicate Upgrade Decisions | Appletell

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ipad air ipad mini

Kuo is the second-generation iPad Air that he thinks might be rolled out earlier than the recently traditional late October slot. The Gen-2 Air is expected to be a relatively minor refreshment with Touch ID, an A8 processor, and an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, but not much else. It is a constant given that whenever one takes the plunge with new computer hardware, something faster, with more desirable features, and sometimes at a lower price, will be along within a yearusually sooner. It was ever thus. The current A7 has lots of suds, but the A8 is rumored to be approaching approximation of Intel i5 performance, which would be fun in an iPad. And I am an unapologetic fan of iPad photography, so would regret not having waited for a higher-res camera. As for a larger-screen iPad Pro model, Mr. Kuo thinks its coming, but not before 2015.
The extensive article on which this blurb was derived from is actually found at http://www.technologytell.com/apple/133328/latest-ipad-rumors-complicate-upgrade-decisions/

Ipad Air And Ipad Mini In Line For Touch Id And A8 Processor This Year?

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ipad air

So says industry sage. Tweet More power and beefed-up, biometric security will be front and centre on the next-gen iPads, one of the industrys most forthright analysts predicts, in whats shaping up to be an intriguing year for Apple-watchers. According to KGI securities analyst Ming Chi KuoKuo, the 2013 editions of the iPar Air and iPad mini will be the first Apple tablets to pack the Touch ID fingerprint-unlock technology that debuted on the iPhone 5S. Both slates will also, it seems, get a steroid injection in the form of an A8 processor to better enable them to handle all the pixel-pushing and multi-tasking they’ll be asked to do. Kuo claims the Pad Air 2, which is purportedly due to land in advance of last years October street date, is in line for a camera boost. Instead of the five-megapixel number that features on the current-gen edition, we can apparently look forward to an eight-megapixel iSight snapper instead. The iPad mini it seems will feature the same design as last year, but could get a price cut as Apple bids to compete with the slew of low-cost Android tablets that have at last given Google a foothold in the slate market.
To get more, take a look at the initial source listed here: http://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/news/2014/04/ipad_air_and_ipad_mini_in_line_for_touch_id_a8_processor/

Tablet2cases.com Announces Availability Of Clamshell Keyboard Cases For Ipad Air

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<img src='http://images.tmcnet.com/tmc/tmcnw/smart_voice_slide.gif&#039; width='233px' alt='SmartVoice' style='float:left;padding:5px' />

The case features a magnetic hinge that initially allows the display to open 180 degree from its closed position. From there, the user can conveniently fold the keyboard out of sight without having to dismount their tablet from the case. The Cooper Kai S360 Apple iPad Air Clamshell Keyboard Case is available in the Tablet2Cases online shop for $49.95, including standard delivery. Also due to arrive to the T2C shop soon is another new clamshell keyboard case for the iPad Air. This one will feature a great-looking backlit keyboard, similar to the one seen in the Cooper Firefly Apple iPad Mini Keyboard Dock and Cooper Firefly Apple iPad 2/3/4 Keyboard Dock. Tablet2Cases invites all owners of Apple iPads, and other tablet models, to visit the T2C online shop for quality accessories for nearly any device out there today. Let Tablet2Cases help you find your best case scenario!About Tablet2CasesLaunched in September 2011, Tablet2Cases.com serves as a specialized portal and definitive resource on tablet cases. <br>Initially rediscovered at <a href='http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-tablet2casescom-announces-availability-clamshell-keyboard-cases-ipad-air-/2014/04/08/7766185.htm&#039; rel='nofollow'>http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-tablet2casescom-announces-availability-clamshell-keyboard-cases-ipad-air-/2014/04/08/7766185.htm</a&gt;

How To Use The Multi Window Feat On Samsung’s New Galaxy Tabpro And Notepro Tablets

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Nevertheless, for those of you who are new to multi-tasking on a Samsung tablet, heres how to do it. First of all, youll be needing to enable the Multi Window feat from the power settings menu, which is to be found in the notification panel. Another way to get the same result is to go into main Settings and tap the on the Device tab to see the on/off toggle. Unlike the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.2.2, opening apps on the new Samsung slates with Android KitKat on board is a little different. By placing your finger at the right-most part of the display and swiping to the left, a pop out menu displaying compatible apps should appear. This can be done from the Magazine UX interface or the standard Android screen. Once the pop menu opens, users can either tap or drag the icon of the app they want to open. If you go for the first variant, apps will be opened as mini popups that are super imposed on other apps and can be resized to fit the users exact needs.
Originally found at: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Use-the-Multi-Windows-Feat-on-Samsung-s-New-Galaxy-TabPRO-and-NotePRO-Tablets-434291.shtml

Android Smartphones And Tablets Could Be Bricked By Security Flaw

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Trend Micro mobile threat analyst Veo Zhang later confirmed that the flaw is exploitable . “We believe that this vulnerability may be used by cyber criminals to do some substantial damage on Android smartphones and tablets, which include bricking a device, or rendering it unusable in any way. In this context, the device is bricked as it is trapped in an endless reboot,” he wrote in a blog post. The vulnerability reportedly means hackers could build a Trojanised application to target any Android device, including those running newer 4.0 versions and above. Trend Micro senior threat researcher David Sancho told V3 the company is yet to see evidence that hackers are actively exploiting the flaw but said the early disclosure by Balic could have alerted criminals to the flaw. “Trend Micro has not seen evidence of exploitation at this moment. [But] as with every new vulnerability, this is no guarantee about the future. In fact, describing a new vulnerability might cause new attempts of exploitation.” He added that the flaw is particularly dangerous as it could be used by advanced hackers for a variety of purposes, outside of basic sabotage.
A Number Of Us stumbled upon this valuable interesting good news write-up found on http://packetstormsecurity.com/news/view/23856/Android-Smartphones-And-Tablets-Could-Be-Bricked-By-Security-Flaw.html