Microsoft Confirms $160 Windows Tablets Will Launch This Summer

Right now there is an abundance of data from the freshest consumer trade shows, it’s tricky to get essential data with the existing deluge. With some luck this cuts right to the chase and give you a few advantageous info.

If youve been hankering after a seriously affordable Windows tablet, you might just be in luck. Well, assuming youre living in an Indian market, that is. Microsoft has confirmed that by the middle of this year, it will have produced and launched Windows tablets for as little at $160, or INR 10,000. Android currently dominates the global market for low-cost tablet PCs, though is seems Microsoft has every intention of reaching out to those that cannot afford the $400+ most of its slates currently sell for. We are reducing our required hardware specification for Windows to bare minimum that is needed for good experience, said Windows business group director Amrish Goyal while speaking to the Times of India. We want to be price competitive with Android.
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