Ipad, Ipod Touch Big Deals, Plus New Iphone 6 Leak – Long Island Ipad | Examiner.com

At quite a few point we all suffer from details overload, and due to this we can miss significant news developments. It could be worthwhile to read this little bit of news that we found. You could see it right here:

Free iPad, iPhone app sends shows to television, plus more free apps

These deals include iPad mini with Retina Display. The iPad mini with Retina Display 16 GB Wi-Fi version is just $349.00, after a free Target gift card. The iPad mini boasts a 7.9-inch display while the larger iPad Air display is 9.7-inches. What’s more, the same free $50.00 gift card deal, which essentially drops every Apple iPad by $50.00, applies to the cellular versions of both the iPad mini with Retina Display and the iPad Air. A cellular version of the iPad can be used anywhere like you would use a cell phone. A Wi-Fi iPad version can only be used at home or near a Wi-Fi hotspot,” as at a train station, an office, retail store, or a coffee house like Starbucks. The iPod touch is also included it this week’s deals at Target.
Have a look at the original version counting any type of supplementary visuals or video playback by clicking to http://www.examiner.com/article/ipad-ipod-touch-big-deals-plus-new-iphone-6-leak


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