How To Use The Multi Window Feat On Samsung’s New Galaxy Tabpro And Notepro Tablets

Right now there’s an abundance of data from the most current consumer trade shows, it’s challenging to get crucial information with the present deluge. Hopefully this cuts right to the chase & give you several helpful details.

Nevertheless, for those of you who are new to multi-tasking on a Samsung tablet, heres how to do it. First of all, youll be needing to enable the Multi Window feat from the power settings menu, which is to be found in the notification panel. Another way to get the same result is to go into main Settings and tap the on the Device tab to see the on/off toggle. Unlike the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.2.2, opening apps on the new Samsung slates with Android KitKat on board is a little different. By placing your finger at the right-most part of the display and swiping to the left, a pop out menu displaying compatible apps should appear. This can be done from the Magazine UX interface or the standard Android screen. Once the pop menu opens, users can either tap or drag the icon of the app they want to open. If you go for the first variant, apps will be opened as mini popups that are super imposed on other apps and can be resized to fit the users exact needs.
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