Microsoft Office For Ios Could Launch Before Windows Tablet Version

According to Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft sources have confirmed that MS Office for Windows 8 tablets is on course for launch over the coming months, but as current pace will actually launch after the long-awaited arrival of Office for iPad. Redmond confirmed last year that Office for iOS was under development, though gave no specifics as to its final release date. Of course, Steve Ballmer who was CEO at the time made it clear that Office for Windows tablets was the priority and would therefore arrive quite a way ahead of the iOS version, but its not looking like for one reason or another, this wont be the case. While she doesnt give any specific reason as to why, Foley insists that the decision has been reversed and that executives have agreed on the decision to make Office for iOS the first of the two to hit the market the app will now make its way out just as soon as its ready. So without deliberately holding it back just for the sake of it, this could mean the iOS version will land before the Windows tablet version something that would a few months ago have seemed nothing short of a fairy-tale.
For the first completed source, take a peek at


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