Ipad Air 2, Ipad 6 Rumors Claim Walmart Deal Indicates Earlier Release Date

There is not much info out there on this subject today, so this is all we’ve for you. What do you think?

iPad Air 2, iPad 6 Rumors Claim Walmart Deal Indicates Earlier Release Date

The idea is to break into the business market and compete against the Microsoft Surface 2 . So what do we actually know about the iPad Air 2? Apple has slowly been straying away from naming their iPad releases after numbers. For example, instead of releasing an iPad 5 they released an iPad Air. But naming the new iPad 6 the iPad Air 2 would make sense depending on how they position the tablet. We do know the existing iPad Air is outselling the iPad Mini by a significant margin so that gives Apple incentive to produce a sequel despite a lawsuit targeting the display technology . We also know that the iPad Air is slower than a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 so Apple needs to up their game by increasing the speed of the iPad Air CPU. Overall, most experts expect a new display with a faster response time and better battery efficiency, a slightly smaller/lighter chassis, an improved camera, and the implementation of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that was made famous by the iPhone 5S.
Initially discovered at http://www.inquisitr.com/1128028/ipad-air-2-ipad-6-rumors-claim-walmart-deal-indicates-earlier-release-date/


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