Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Vs Ipad Air: Worth $150 More?

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The iPad cant run more than one app at a time, although iOS 7 at least makes it simple to switch between apps. Google has reportedly asked Samsung to tone down its Magazine UX and remove some of its homegrown apps, but it doesnt look like Samsung has any plans to change the Note Pros user experience anytime soon. Productivity The Galaxy Note Pro brings Samsungs S Pen to the party, offering the ability to take notes, draw and use convenient features like Air Command for quickly getting things done with the stylus. But in order to position this slate as a true laptop replacement, Samsung is also including Remote PC software for accessing your desktop while on the go and Hancom Office for working on office docs. For aiding text entry, Samsung has revamped its on-screen touch keyboard to closely mirror a traditional laptop, complete with arrow keys and familiar shortcuts like cut and paste. Not good enough? Samsung has partnered with Logitech, Belkin and Zagg to create Bluetooth keyboard cases for this large tablet. MORE: Best Tablets 2014 The iPad Air has plenty of business-friendly software, too, including the free and improved iWork suite, which benefits from iCloud integration. In addition, the App Store stocks dozens and dozens of productivity apps, although the lack of a central file system irks some owners.
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