Rethinking Microsoft’s Tablet: Surface Pro 2 Succeeds

I saw this before & thought it might be worth a look. This editorial might be informative.

Surface Pro 2 connected to Apple Cinema Display.

It feels just as quick as my 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina — which uses a higher performance Core i5 (and is much heavier). And that’s really important to me when doing work-related “productivity” tasks that require a lot of horsepower. More compact than an ultrabook: Let’s be clear, 0.53 inches isn’t exactly thick for a laptop. The thinnest ultrabooks aren’t that thin. And two pounds isn’t exactly heavy either. That’s lighter than the minimalist 11-inch MacBook Air. Works with my Apple LED Cinema display: This is a big plus for me. And everything is snappy — it has no problem pushing around the pixels on the 2,560×1,440 display.
For the initial comprehensive resource, explore at!


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