The Iphone Air Won’t Kill The Ipad

With all of the recent trends, it’s getting harder to keep track of things. I think this really is a good explanation some of the standard points to know about.

It is likely that Apple lost share to these (particularly Samsung, which markets very aggressively), so Apple could really just be gaining back phone share rather than necessarily “losing” tablet sales to a big degree There will be a large group of users that prefers a “smaller” phone (for aesthetic and/or practical reasons and given that the iPhone 5s sells well, this could still be a major part of the iPhone market), so they will still opt for an iPhone + iPad combo even if the “standard” iPhone gets a size boost to 4.5 4.7-inches The wildcard: Samsung The biggest risk is that consumers may be “used to” large Samsung phones. If this is true (and this really doesn’t seem too likely), then an iPhone Air will still only appeal to the group of users that would buy Apple anyway and wouldn’t expand Apple’s TAM. However, while this is a risk, the launch of the iPad mini and its follow-on, the mini with Retina display proved this in the “premium” device category, if there’s a suitable Apple product, an Apple sale is likely. However, Samsung is moving quickly with the more “headline” hardware features (high resolution displays, faster processors, more RAM, etc.), so depending on what consumers really value (and when Apple plans to launch the larger iPhone), the ultimate financial impact of an iPhone Air is unknown (i.e. how much share can Apple take back?), but still likely to be positive. Invest like Motley Fool employees Opportunities to get wealthy from a single investment don’t come around often, but they do exist, and our chief technology officer believes he’s found one. In this free report, Jeremy Phillips shares the single company that he believes could transform not only your portfolio, but your entire life . To learn the identity of this stock for free and see why Jeremy is putting more than $100,000 of his own money into it, all you have to do is click here now .
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