Oops! Asus Publishes Manual For Unannounced Vivotab Note 8 Windows Tablet

More often than not you can miss the needle in the haystack, specially when there’s a considerable amount of hay. This is some information that might be helpful. Take a look:

asus vivotab manual leak power

Good thing this was in the manual. Those specs show little difference from what is currently available on the Dell Venue 8 Pro and Lenovos Miix 2 . Both of those slates offer the same processor, RAM, screen resolution, camera, and software packages as the rumored specs on the Asus VivoTab Note 8. Other 8-inch Windows tablets, including the Acer Iconia W4 and the Toshiba Satellite Encore , arent terribly different either. With yet another similarly specd 8-inch tablet on the horizon, it appears early mini Windows slates are suffering from a case of WinPho-itis. Just like those early Windows Phone 7 devices, the current crop of pint-sized Windows tablets have little to differentiate themselves other than the name of the manufacturer emblazoned on the device. The pen is mightier That said, Asus may have found one way to stand out from the crowd.
An Individual can acquire a lot more starting from the original source at http://www.pcworld.com/article/2083404/oops-asus-publishes-manual-for-unannounced-vivotab-note-8-windows-tablet.html


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