Comparing The Two Best Mid-sized Tablets: The Apple Ipad Mini With Retina Vs. The Lg G Pad 8.3

This may have a few possibilities! This document could be informative.

This is great as the iPad Mini has been marketed as a media consumption device. As stated, reading is an absolute pleasure on the Mini, due to the clarity and sharpness. By contrast, the G Pad has lower resolution to go with its larger screen size, leading to less clarity and unfortunately, some very mild fuzziness around the text and icon graphics and pixels that can be viewed with the human eye. Color representation, contrast and saturation were better on the G Pad, however, with colors appearing more vibrant and full when compared to the toned down iPad Mini. Image quality was excellent, no matter the angle, on par with the Mini. Brightness may be an issue, as the tablet can not reach the brightness of the iPad, and outdoor performance suffers because of it.
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