Asus Transformer T100: A Windows Tablet Students Might Like And Can Afford

It took a lot of effort, particularly in the course of this slow news day nevertheless we may have something advantageous for you to read. Check it out.

Microsoft Surface Pro

It is a personal choice if a 10 inch screen is enough real estate to work comfortably, but that is an overall tablet consideration not specific to the T100. Tablets are not laptops, so careful consideration is necessary to determine how the tablet will be used. Long periods of time using a 10 inch tablet can become a bit tiresome. It is not usual for many students to desire a tablet as their primary computing device because of the small screen size and smaller keyboard. But as an augmentation to a desktop or laptop, this particular device could be attractive to many students. In addition to the keyboard that is included, so is Microsoft Office. That is a significant savings and makes the price of the T100 even more attractive, which starts at $349.
The extensive document on which this blurb was in fact based upon can be available at


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