Apple Ipad Air Price, Specs And Offers 2013

It is simple to miss things when you’re overwhelmed with info. We use are news gathering strategies to find this bit of info for you. You could check it out beneath.

You will also love the amazing features and great specs that this new tablet comes with. After all, it is from Apple, the company behind high premium tablets and smartphone gadgets. Specs The Apple iPad Air is actually the fifth generation of Apples iPad tablets. It is slimmer and more slender than the previous models and is faster and speedier, too. It is said to be 20% thinner than the iPad 4 and operates on a 64-bit platform that comprises of A7 SoC as well as the M7 motion co-processor. As you can remember, the iPad mini which Apple released last year has introduced a fresh new design, which was inspired from the iPod Touch. It seemed like this new Apple iPad Air is actually a scaled up version of the Mini iPad since it has identical features and an almost similar styling details.
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