Ipad Air Scores Big During Black Friday Weekend

(Credit: Localytics) Apple can thank holiday shoppers for a surge in iPad Air sales. Activations of the new iPad increased by 51 percent this past weekend compared with those from the prior weekend, according to mobile analytics firm Localytics. That volume put the new Air on the top of the tablet heap, followed by the new iPad Mini in second place with 26 percent more activations than those during the prior weekend. Localytics pegged the Air’s growth on a variety of factors, including Apple’s giveaway of a $75 gift card with each purchase , a small base of existing iPad Air owners, and the relative novelty of the Air, which hit the market on November 1. In third place among tablets, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 7 saw 23 percent more activations. Amazon trimmed the price of the tablet by $50 this past weekend , a deal that prompted the devices to sell out long before Cyber Monday ended. Among smartphones, the iPhone 5C grabbed a 26 percent jump in activations, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy S4 with 20 percent, and the iPhone 5S with 15 percent. To compile its latest report, Localytics compared the activations of more than 1 million devices in the US for Black Friday weekend with those of the previous weekend.
Initially found at http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57614495-37/ipad-air-scores-big-during-black-friday-weekend/


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