Zaggkeys Folio For Ipad Air: The Best Keyboard So Far

Too much data might be a negative thing, making it hard for us to focus on what’s key. It might be worthwhile to read this tiny bit of news that we located. Just below, you could read it for yourself.

I’m an extremely fast touch typist, especially when I’m blasting out reviews on an Apple Wireless Keyboard. I think that keyboard has met its match with the ZAGGkeys Folio, as I’m able to type just as fast and with as much accuracy as I do on the Apple keyboard. The keyboard has a pretty good feel to it — it could be a little more “snappy” in terms of response, as it’s mushier than the precise click of the Apple keyboard. However, it’s much better than any of the other iPad Air keyboards I’ve tested so far. The key placement is perfect — every key is exactly where it should be, so my fingers aren’t prone to pressing the wrong key when I try for punctuation or pressing the tab key. There are six rows of keys, with the topmost row being special iPad-only functions.
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