Asus Transformer Book T100t Review – Windows 8 Tablet & Laptop Offers Great Portability At Great Price

With all of the product introductions both new & old, it’s standard that necessary information gets drowned out. It may be worthwhile to read this tiny bit of news that we located. Just beneath, you can read it on your own.

Asus Transformer Book T100T

Small black text can be a little less than well defined, and colours aren’t stunning, but for general computing tasks it is a decent display. The glossy reflective screen is poor under direct light, but the touchscreen is more responsive than are some Windows 8 devices. Viewing angles are generous. Overall then it’s a decent display but nothing to write home about. Asus Transformer Book T100T: battery life For an X86 Windows 8 device battery life is great. Potentially game changing. We’ve seen reports of testers getting more than 11 hours of battery life in video run-down tests.
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